Welcome to the decentralization of crypto mining!

Introducing the DeFi Mining Protocol

We bring together the best of two worlds. Earn bitcoin by mining directly on-chain.

DeFi Mining is a decentralized crypto mining protocol that allows investors to earn a steady return, leveraged in real crypto mining, through a simple and transparent platform without any of the challenges that come with operating a mining deposit. It provides a sustainable income-based in Bitcoin Network. Whenever a BTC transaction is done, you are being a part of it.

Our powerful and experienced team is made up of industrial well-conditioned data center operators who are focused on creating future infrastructure by developing and hosting the blockchain-based technology ecosystem.

Buy DMINE and become a DeMiner, the new generation of decentralized miners.

With just a few clicks you can invest in crypto mining and join the community of DeMiners!

What are the risks of Mining?

There are four main challenges regarding crypto mining:

  • High entry barrier: to set up a profitable mining operation you have to invest a lot of money in expensive mining equipment, and there are a lot of other hidden costs of setting up the infrastructure to maintain it.
  • Illiquidity: There is a considerable lead time between the initial investment and the first reward. You have a lot of capital invested in machines, which won’t be easy to turn into cash later.
  • Operational hazard and know-how: Running a mining operation implicates setting up a refrigerating system, dust/humidity filters, installing the electric capacity infrastructure to power the miners, and all this comes with a lot of noise.
  • Unknown rewards: There are some variables such as price and network hashrate that you can’t control, so the spread of possible returns is a risk.

What does DeFi Mining come to solve?

DeFi Mining brings a solution to these challenges so bitcoin mining is available on-chain for the DeFi community.

How do we solve the main risks of mining for the DeMiners?

  • Low entry Barrier: There’s no minimum amount to invest, you can start mining with any kind of capital
  • Liquidity: you will be able to buy or sell your position to the market giving you rewards from the first moment, and a fast exit option when needed.
  • No need for any know-how or maintenance: using the platform is extremely easy and we take care of all the technical aspects of the operation.
  • Stake and Rest: Don’t worry about the noise, heat, dust, shutdowns, overclocks, and more. Stake your $DMINE and start getting your passive income
  • Steady Rewards: the yield reserve reduces the variability of earnings, thus increasing the DeMiners' ability to predict rewards and stay profitable.

Join the community and become a DeMiner! ⛏️



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