Mining Network: Open call to DeFi figures and communities

Share the benefits of DeFi Mining, and get a share of every new DeMiner that uses your code

DeFi Mining
2 min readApr 13, 2022


Community Sale has started and we’re excited to share it with our Mining Network. That’s why we’re calling influencers, YouTubers, communities, and personalities from the DeFi ecosystem to join and work together — in exchange for a passive income in BTC😏

How does DeFi Mining work?

DeFi Mining allows you to earn bitcoin by mining directly on-chain. You just buy $DMINE and you’ll receive the Bitcoin earnings produced by the mining power of our operations. The mining center is connected to the DeFi Mining Protocol: all the BTC rewards are automatically distributed among $DMINE holders.

1 $DMINE = 1 TeraHash of mining power

$DMINE is not an inflationary token. $DMINE is only minted when we expand our mining capacity where we accurately mint the exact amount of $DMINE equivalent to the new amount of mining power (THs) that we had purchased.

Mining Network: Promote & earn

Do you have outreach to a DeFi community? Or engagement with individuals who may be interested in becoming DeMiners? Share the benefits of DeFi Mining and we’ll get you a personalized code for your community. Anyone who uses the code obtains a 2% discount on $DMINE.

The code will be available during the Community Sale, meaning they can get up to a 5% discount during the first week!

Discord, Youtube, Telegram, FB, Instagram, any channel, group chat, or social media is valid. Post a tweet, host an AMA, make a review, and you’ll get a 3% share of every new DeMiner that uses your code. These earnings are equivalent to mining power, meaning you’ll receive a passive income in BTC. If at any time you want to leave, simply sell your share of $DMINE.

Community Sale

Community Sale is available for 30 days in which early members will be able to contribute and buy $DMINE at a high discount, becoming part of the community of DeMiners.

Token used to buy: USDT
Listing Price: 160 USDT

Price & Discounts
- Week 1
: 3.0% discount || Price 155.2 USDT
- Week 2: 2.2% discount || Price 156.5 USDT
- Week 3: 1.4% discount || Price 157.8 USDT
- Week 4: 0.6% discount || Price 159,0 USDT

Code discounts are cumulative with benefits from the Community Sale

This is your chance to gain a new passive income in BTC. Contact our team and get your personalized code:

  • Telegram: @AlexTheMiner
  • Discord: DeFi Master #2495
  • Twitter: @defi_mining

Join the community and become a DeMiner! ⛏️



DeFi Mining

Earn #BTC by mining directly on-chain ⛏️ Coming soon on BNB Chain👻