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DeFi Mining
2 min readApr 20, 2022

There are some questions that there are usually repeated by all the members of the community. No matter whether there are new or old members, advanced or beginners, these questions are asked by everyone.

Where is the Mining Center located? 📌

The Mining Center is located in South America. For security reasons, the exact location is not shared, but multiple proofs of its existence will be shared periodically.

How does $DMINE price work? ️💸

1 $DMINE = 1 TeraHash of mining power The price of DMINE will always remain pegged to one TeraHash of mining power, and it’s not subjected to volatility caused by liquidity pools.

What is a DeMiner?

All the holders of the $DMINE token are called DeMiners, and are part of our network of decentralized miners. As DeMiners, they have a share of the Mining Center and the BTC rewards that it generates.

How is the mined BTC distributed among the DeMiners? 🪙

Luckily, this process is really easy! After claiming the tokens purchased on the presale, the DeMiners just need to go to the Mine section of the website and stake their tokens on the pool. They’ll see their BTC grow constantly, as the DeFi Mining protocol is connected to the Mining Center.

What security measures does DeFi Mining provide? 🔐

DeFi Mining is fully audited. Unlike most projects that only audit one or two contracts, all the smart contracts involved in the DeFi Mining protocol are audited.

How does DeFi Mining ensure transparency to the DeMiners? 🔎

It is really important to provide instruments that increase transparency among the holders, ensuring the safety of their investments. Real-time data of the mining operations will be available for the users to track down the performance. Also, in the mid-term roadmap, there will be real-time cameras installed in the Mining Center to further increase the transparency standards of our ecosystem.

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DeFi Mining

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