DeFi Mining Tokenomics

Learn everything about $DMINE, our P2P exchange, BTC rewards, and more

The tokenomics are key to explaining everything about DeFi Mining protocol works and how the $DMINE token interacts within it. A simple but highly efficient mechanism has been designed for this case, taking into consideration all the peculiarities of the Bitcoin mining industry and the DeFi landscape.

First stop ➡️ $DMINE token

$DMINE is only minted when we expand our mining capacity where we accurately mint the exact amount of $DMINE equivalent to the new amount of mining power (THs) that we had purchased. Thus, not diluting the mining power a $DMINE token holds, even after minting new tokens.

1 $DMINE = 1 TeraHash of mining power. This relationship will be always like this. This gives intrinsic value to the token as its safeguarded with real assets.

Second stop ➡️ Community Sale tokenomics

💵 Listing price 💵
1 $DMINE = 160 USDT (1 $DMINE = 1 TeraHash of mining power)

1st Week: 3% discount → $155.2 🔥🔥🔥
2nd Week: 2.2% discount → $156.48 💰
3️rd Week: 1.4% discount → $157.76 💸
4th Week: 0.6% discount → $159.04 🤑

💰Amount to be raised: $300.000 USDT💰

Third stop ➡️ Bitcoin rewards

As all the $DMINE tokens are backed with Bitcoin mining Asics, the BTC mined on our Mining center are automatically distributed among the holders in the DMINE Pool. Users only need to stake in the pool and enjoy while earning daily Bitcoin rewards.

The amount of the earnings of each individual holder (called “DeMiners”) will depend on their $DMINE holdings. The important thing to take into consideration is that each $DMINE equals one TeraHash of mining power, so the BTC earning will follow that equivalence.

Last stop ➡️ P2P exchange

To maintain the parity between one $DMINE and one TeraHash of mining power, we have built our own P2P exchange. This aims to avoid liquidity pools that can bring a lot of volatility to the price.

How to Buy?
To buy $DMINE you just have to enter the Exchange module on DeFi Mining website, and on the Buy-side, input the amount of USDC you want to convert in Hash Power.

How to Sell?
To sell $DMINE you just have to enter the Exchange module on the Sell-side and input the amount of $DMINE you want to sell.

💸You don’t need to unstake from the pool to sell your tokens, so you will continue to earn BTC while your sell order is placed.
📑This will create a selling order that makes your tokens available for any interested buyer.

Join the community and become a DeMiner! ⛏️



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DeFi Mining

DeFi Mining

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