DeFi Mining operations are live

Check out some photos and important information about our Mining Center and how to earn daily Bitcoin rewards

DeFi Mining
2 min readJul 12, 2022

Although a big part of DeFi Mining is its decentralized protocol, that’s not all it is. Of course, it’s the most visual part that the users see once they access DeFi Mining, but there is a lot more going on at the back.

We’ve been running Bitcoin mining operations months before we built our DeFi website and the $DMINE token, for both our own profit and also for private investors.

We are happy to announce that our Mining Center is officially connected to the DeFi Mining protocol, and the Bitcoin rewards are automatically tokenized and distributed among the $DMINE holders.

How to participate in our mining operations?

That’s very easy! You just need to enter and buy $DMINE. After that, you need to stake them in the DMINE Pool and start earning Bitcoin rewards.

Here are some essential items to take into consideration:

⛏️ Our mining operations are already running, so you can buy $DMINE and start earning BTC right away.
⛏️ There is no price volatility for the $DMINE token (we have our own P2P exchange).
⛏️ Low entry barriers: No minimum amount to purchase, no technical knowledge required, no KYC required.

What are you waiting for? Become a DeMiner and create a brand new source of passive income!



DeFi Mining

Earn #BTC by mining directly on-chain ⛏️ Coming soon on BNB Chain👻