DeFi Mining joins DeFi Launch Incubation Program

A great network of resources put at our disposal to nurture and strengthen key areas of our protocol

DeFi Launch is an incubator and launchpad that’s more than 8 months old, and it has incubated great projects and hosted presales for them on its platform.

Joining their incubation program will provide DeFi Mining with many valuable resources that will strengthen the protocol, increase awareness and get us a step closer to achieving the milestones on our Roadmap.

In which areas will DeFi Launch collaborate with DeFi Mining?

DeFi Launch provides assistance in the areas of marketing, tokenomics design, security, communication, and partnerships. Since our tokenomics architecture is already designed, we will get assistance on all the remaining areas.

Marketing 📱

We will get access to their media partners, which will assist us in the development of marketing campaigns for both our presale and post-launch phase.

DappRadar is the main media partner with which we will work. We are getting exclusive advisory and 10% discount to make the most out of our marketing investment.

DappRadar is one of the most recognized DeFi DApps, with million of unique users and a very trustworthy data tracking platform.

We are also working with BSC News and BNB Swap for Twitter exposure and as an extra boost to increase visibility.

Communication 📢

They are providing a Master class to our team about the best practices in DeFi communication channels. The experts at DeFi Launch are helping us to improve our Discord server experience and the front page of Twitter.

They are scouting an experienced mod to assist on our Telegram group and Discord server, and help us provide 24 hours attention to our community.

Partnerships 🤝

Every DeFi protocol must be highly-connected to the ecosystem if it wants to achieve massive adoption. Increasing visibility among other DeFi communities is essential to attract new users to the protocol and experience steady growth over time.

Having partners not only attract new users but also allows us to offer new opportunities to the holders. Adding the liquidity on a DEX is easy, but getting a pool & farm collaboration is the hard part. We are working to get a DMINE-USDT farm on BabySwap and a DMINE-BUSD farm on KnightSwap, both facilitated by DeFi Launch team.

We will also apply for a sweet vault on Pacoca, and get whitelisted on their portfolio tracker, which will be a valuable tool for all our holders.

We are working on more collaborations with other DeFi projects facilitated by DeFi Launch. Stay tuned and don’t miss any news.

Security 🔐

DeFi Mining protocol was fully audited by DeFi Shield, that’s DeFi Launch security department. They have very talented and experienced solidity developers that provide assistance on security and tokenomics design.

DeFi Shield does not audit only one smart contract, but it audits the whole protocol. All the smart contracts involved in the protocol were audited and all the issues found were successfully resolved.



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