DeFi Mining expansion plan

How to scale operations, maintain profitability, and ensure stability for our protocol

What’s in for the short term?

Security is a top priority at DeFi Mining. And unlike most DeFi projects that only get one or two smart contracts audited, we will get our protocol fully audited. All the smart contracts involved in the platform will be audited by DeFi Shield.

In between the launch and the full deployment of the Mining center, the DeMiners will receive BTC rewards purchased with funds of the presale. | Less than 1% of the total raised funds will be allocated for this.

Phase 3 - Mid term milestones

After some time running the project, mining operations, and strengthening our community, we will deploy a BTC mining operation dashboard. With this tool, we will provide more extensive information about the mining operations to increase transparency. This tool will have more functionalities added over time, making it even more powerful.

Long term plans - The future of DeFi Mining

One of the most valuable things about DeFi Mining is the team running the project. With mining experts with years of experience in the industry, lots of opportunities are waiting to be taken.

That’s the case of Ethereum, where mining operations are also very popular and profitable. As a very similar model, with technical differences in the mining process, we will also offer easy access to ETH mining.

The same fundraising structure will be carried out to expand our operations into ETH mining, with a Community sale and the construction of the container where the ETH mining machines will be set up. The location will be the same as the first two BTC mining deposits, completing a total of three containers for our Mining center.

DeFi Mining long-term vision

Although it seems like a very ambitious plan, that is only the kickstart for greater and bigger developments. As true believers that crypto is the future, we will work tirelessly to make crypto mining accessible to everyone.

Combining our technical know-how and resources network, with the benefits of the DeFi ecosystem, we aim to bring mining opportunities to people all around the world in an easy and secure way.

Join the community and become a DeMiner! ⛏️



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DeFi Mining

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