DeFi Mining → A Bitcoin mining company

All the details you need to know about DeFi Mining

Although a big part of DeFi Mining is its decentralized protocol, that’s not all it is. Of course, it’s the most visual part that the users see once they access DeFi Mining, but there is a lot more going on at the back.

As a Bitcoin mining company based on the BNB Chain, the owners of the company will be the $DMINE holders, which will take part in the decisions of the protocol and will earn profits from the mining operations.

The revenue of DeFi Mining is not owned by the team members running the project but is entitled to all the $DMINE holders. In order to increase transparency, the profits of the team are earned through the $DMINE tokens that the team holds.

The $DMINE token will have a limited supply and no more tokens will be minted after launch, so the participation of the holders will not get diluted.

Governance - Be part of the decisions of the company

Like every other company, there are decisions that have to be made by the shareholders. In this case, the $DMINE holders are the ones who make the decisions.

A governance module will be deployed on the website, and there will be polls where the holders will be able to vote on the path of the protocol. In order for a poll to be valid, more than 50% of the votes must be positive. If it doesn’t reach the quorum, the poll will be rejected.

Revenue - Earn profits generated by DeFi Mining operations

As a Bitcoin mining protocol, the revenue of the company is taken from the fees of our Mining operations, so it’s in form of Bitcoin. The Mining center is connected to the DeFi Mining protocol, and the mined BTC is automatically tokenized and distributed in the DMINE and ASIC pools.

A 20% fee is automatically deducted and distributed among the owners of the DeFi Mining company (aka $DMINE holders).

There will be a DMINE Pool on the platform where all the holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn dividends of the company revenue. The revenue is generated by the 3 initial mining Asics purchased with presale funds + the daily fees from the mining operations that come from the rest of our Mining center.

Mining operations - Transparency and security

We are aware that this is one of the most sensitive parts of the company, so we pay special attention to building a trustworthy system without compromising security.

The Mining center is located in South America, with access to a reliable source of electrical power. We have two mining experts working in our team, one of which is dedicated full time to ensuring the optimal performance of our mining operations.

The exact location of our Mining center is not revealed due to security reasons, but cameras will be placed on the containers to ensure full transparency.

Last but not least, real-time data of the mining operations will be available on our website for all the users to track and make sure that they are earning the correct amount.

Why become part of DeFi Mining?

Lots of individuals dream of being their own bosses, whether it is by having their own company or providing services as an independent. Or maybe you just want to have a source of passive income.

DeFi Mining allows you to access this world of freedom, by being the owner of a company that runs with the latest technology in one of the most promising industries.

  • No need for technical knowledge.
  • No minimum amount to enter.
  • High profits and the opportunity to earn more over time.
  • Easy way out → You can just sell and cash out whenever you want.

If you still have any doubts you are free to join our Telegram or Discord channels and talk with the team and the rest of the community. It’s important to clear all your doubts before investing. We are a very friendly community and we are happy to help you.




Earn #BTC by mining directly on-chain ⛏️ Coming soon on BNB Chain👻

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DeFi Mining

DeFi Mining

Earn #BTC by mining directly on-chain ⛏️ Coming soon on BNB Chain👻

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