Community Sale | Step-by-Step Guide

Everything you need to know about our Community Sale and a step by step explanation of how to participate

Buy $DMINE at discount and become an early member of the Community!

On the 14th of April at 18.00 UTC it will start the DeFi Mining Community Sale, where early members will be able to contribute and buy DMINE at a high discount, becoming part of the community of DeMiners.

The sale will be available for 30 days, after which the platform and our native token will be launched. All funds collected in this stage will be used to set up the mining operation and finish the development of the protocol.

The sale will be available for 30 days.

$DMINE is our native token and is the gateway to decentralized Bitcoin mining. By staking $DMINE you are being part of our community and will be rewarded with the Bitcoin earnings produced by the mining power of our operations.

$DMINE is not an inflationary token, rewards are distributed on stablecoins directly from the Bitcoins generated by our mining operation. $DMINE is only minted when we expand our mining capacity, where we accurately mint the exact amount of $DMINE equivalent to the new amount of mining power (THs) that we had purchased. Thus, not diluting the mining power a $DMINE token holds, even after minting new tokens.

1 DMINE = 1 TeraHash of mining power. This relationship will always be like this. This gives intrinsic value to the token as it's safeguarded with real assets.

General Information:

🗓️ Date & time: April 14th, 18.00 UTC
📌 Place:
🪙 Token used to buy: USDT

Price & Discounts:

Listing Price: 160.0 USDT

Week 1: 3.0% discount || Price: 155.2 USDT
Week 2: 2.2% discount || Price: 156.5 USDT
Week 3: 1.4% discount || Price: 157.8 USDT
Week 4: 0.6% discount || Price: 159.0 USDT

Step by Step Community Sale Guide:

  1. First, you have to enter and connect your wallet. The button is in the top right of the website:

2. After you connect your wallet, on the Community Sale tab, you will see this:

When the sale starts, the Contribute button will be activated, and you just need to click and enter the amount you want to contribute. At the right bottom, you can see:

  • Contributed: total amount contributed to the sale.
  • Price: the price of DMINE at the actual stage.
  • Next Price: Price of DMINE in the next stage.
  • Time Left: time left till the end of the stage.

How do I claim my tokens?

Once the Community Sale ends, the tokens will be airdropped in your wallet according to your contribution and the price at which you bought them. So after contributing you just have to wait!

Join the community and become a DeMiner! ⛏️



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